HanseCom Mobility Platform

Combining and orchestrating mobility offers in a customer-oriented way 

Elements of the mobility platform
  • Search, book and pay for mobility offers from a single source
  • Intelligently combine and orchestrate own and third-party offers
  • Supplement the travel chain with additional customer-oriented services
  • Connect any customer frontends and touchpoints
  • Manage fares centrally
  • Customer data belongs to the transport company 
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into existing system landscape
  • Modular design: use only as many functions as currently needed
  • Open and expandable for new services and requirements

Intelligently controlling mobility

Your customers want to have flexible control over their own mobility: today their own car, tomorrow public transport and cab, the day after tomorrow ride-hailing, rental bike or e-scooter. Depending on the place, time and situation, the weather or your own mood, different mobility offers are linked to form multi- or intermodal travel chains and adapted to suit your needs.

An open and modular mobility platform provides you with the technological basis for this. This enables you to meet customer requirements and sustainably manage and expand mobility in your region.

You can provide your customers with central access to all offers via different customer access points and touchpoints: e.g. via app, smartwatch and online portal - or via the navigation system in the customer's own car.

In this way, you can reach different target groups via the channels they prefer.

In addition to the classic and new mobility offers, you can just as easily integrate complementary services such as parking and electricity tickets or additional offers such as leisure and event tickets. The mobility platform controls all the processes and systems involved in the background.

Elements of a future-proof mobility platform

Modern transportation companies enable their customers to freely choose from a wide variety of mobility services with booking, ticketing, and billing in one system - a mobility platform makes it possible. The following six modules are of central importance here.

Elements of a future-proof mobility platform

Open for the future

Whether it's a new customer front end, an additional payment service, a further mobility or leisure offering, or a connection to third-party systems such as analytical CRM: the HanseCom mobility platform integrates seamlessly into your existing system landscape and can be expanded with new components at any time. This means you are flexible and can adapt and expand your offering as needed at any time.

Open for the future Open for the future

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